We celebrate beautiful ideas, people and art. We live joyfully in the small moments, the stories of difference and the modern relevance of ancient ideas.


A growing number of people including creatives, innovative business owners and individuals are turning to yogic and ancient philosophy as a means to feel grounded and connected to themselves, their goals and their artistic or business process. YOKE embraces this exciting transition by merging the yogic with the creative in one beautiful bespoke print publication.

YOKE offers pathways for all to become more authentic – to our planet, our loved ones and ourselves. At a time when society is moving faster than ever, when our lives are becoming more globalised yet fragmented and when ‘connecting’ somehow disconnects us, YOKE encourages us to unplug, experience and feel gratitude for the moment. One moment at a time.


YOKE is a message of consciousness through intelligent storytelling and compelling imagery. It’s a magazine comprising of intimate interviews, short and long form features and specially commissioned creative works. YOKE is broken up into sections specific to People & Spaces, Arts & Culture, Community, Food & Wellbeing and Travel.


YOKE appeals to a young and young-at-heart audience, creatives, artists, yogis and food and travel enthusiasts, seeking out inspiration and adventure for a more balanced, happy and creative lifestyle, to empower themselves and at the same time, their community.

YOKE magazine offers a blend of art, culture and the ancient philosophy of yoga, and ultimately seeks to explore ways we can stay grounded and true to our planet, our loved ones and ourselves. Believing that Art is one of the most profound mirrors of the human psyche, both individually and collectively, and that yoga is as much off the mat than on.

It’s for those who want to know what other people are doing and how they are doing it. How mindfulness plays a role in creativity. How artists and yogis are loving and living at different times of their lives, through success and failures, milestones and mindfulness.


YOKE is founded by Sydney-based creative Cynthia Sciberras, who has studied Ashtanga yoga for over a decade and is dedicated to living a yogic life. Cynthia hopes that through creativity and consciousness, YOKE will inspire ways of living a more fulfilling life.

YOKE features local and international writers, photographers and illustrators specially commissioned to create original works to match each themed issue. Current contributors can be found at here.

The ancient Sanskrit root for yoke is ‘YUJ’ युज् which is the root word of yoga योग. The word yoga means ‘to be yoked’ – the spiritual concept of ‘being yoked’ means to join or connect, to form a bond, to unite.


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January 2014

YOKE is proud to be an independent magazine which does not accept advertising. We are a reader-supported publication, promoting creative and independent journalism and the collaboration of talented creatives to bring it to life.

Like YOKE itself, our approach to partnership is creative and confident. Together our brands will communicate a shared philosophy and vision: the power of creativity to inspire change.

This is a subscriber-supported, independently produced high-quality eco-friendly
print magazine. Published and distributed by YOKE PUBLICATIONS based in Sydney, Australia.

Editor in chief: Cynthia Sciberras

Deputy Editor: Dominique Antarakis