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There is something bubbling. A powerful desire for change. Can you feel it?


YOKE magazine is passionately waving the flag for creating new intersections between community and creativity. We understand the power of working in unity instead of isolation. So it makes perfect sense that our new indie magazine brings like-minded people together to share stories, insights and each other.

Exploring fresh perspectives, YOKE magazine allows you to look within and ask yourself what you believe in and how you can make positive changes in your life and on this planet. That’s why YOKE magazine is named after the ancient Sanskrit root word for yoga. In Sanskrit, the spiritual concept of being yoked means to join or connect, to form a bond, to unite.

Becoming an agent of change is about taking small, sustainable steps to positively influence the world around you. And what better way to do that than joining the YOKE HOOD and becoming an ambassador.



  1. Business owners – do you run a holistic business, a yoga studio/shala, natural therapies, alternative products store or wholefoods café, and are looking to add value, customer experience, expand your client base and connect with your local community?
  2. Artists and gallery owners – are you a part-time or professional artist or gallery owner seeking to build new audiences and collaborate with like-minded people on projects that encourage creative transformation?
  3. Writers/bloggers – are you writing a book or a blog on mindfulness, natural therapies, yoga, meditation, sustainability, nourishment through food, art or the creative way of life and looking to connect with like-minded people and build a community?
  4. Social change agents – are you passionate about creativity, community and social change for the greater good looking to start a conversation and wanting to take up the challenge of being an activist for change?



Make money through social distribution – purchase our magazine at half price by ordering a box of 22 or more then distribute them to your network of students, clients or members at an RRP of $15. You can also become a wholesaler and deepen your relationship with your community by promoting YOKE in your city. (You could earn commissions of up to 50% – this is the discount we normally reserve for distributors).

Use your creativity, get exposure – Whether you love social media or writing, illustration, photography and art, your interests and skills can educate and inspire others. Share them via the YOKE vehicle.  Share your specialist knowledge, creativity, stories and insights that inspire and move people to action.

Partner with YOKE to hold purposeful events as a way to build your own community, brand and connections. We’ll partner with you and help with promotion and contact -sharing. While community on some levels is fragmenting, it’s up to us to return to the grass roots and create face-to-face connections.



If you’d like to join the YOKE HOOD and get involved as an ambassador, all you have to do is email us a brief pitch as to who you are, what you want and how you’d like to contribute. Please include any links to your business, blog or portfolio. We will then be in touch with next steps and more information.

If you have any queries or questions email us

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 Extend yourself, expand your business and your horizons become a YOKE Ambassador. Let’s unite!