Chanah Wainer is a passionate academic, performing artist, educator and writer. Utilising her passion and deep love for both education and the arts to drive and inspire social change. She currently spends her time completing her pre-Doctorate Honours in Education, writing music, or engaged in various low-bono and volunteer projects, namely, teaching meditation and personal development classes with the Brahma Kumaris and as part of the NewKind Festival.

Alexa Nehter has a mission to help yogis realise their highest self and to use their gifts to make a difference in the world. She is the author of The Clean Yogi and founder of The Professional Yogis, a networking event and development training for yoga teachers. She teaches workshops nationally and internationally, along with retreats and festivals such as Evolve and Wanderlust, sharing her deep love for alignment based Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and holistic wellness.

Alison Roberts is the founder of Wyld Myrtle, all-natural purifying DETOX spray for yoga mat and sports gear. She was born in England, grew up in Canada and moved to Sydney over a decade ago. She is a yoga teacher, as well as an teaching English.  She has written the  children’s book, Fun with Fitness, published by Durkin Hayes and was awarded a literary prize from Bishop’s University.

Amy Widdis hails from Dublin, Ireland but has called Sydney home for the past three years. She is a 26-year-old yoga teacher, founder of YOGA+ Retreats, and LVY blog, and Project Manager. She’s passionate about yoga and meditation. Her funky style and Irish accent brings something different to all her classes and retreats.

Anna Rose originally trained as a physiotherapist, her aim is to help people live healthier and happier lives. For Anna health and wellbeing are not only about physicality, but a holistic approach to life that includes spirituality, community and love.

Cat Kabirahas been practicing yoga and meditation since she was 18 years old while studying at Boston University. As Cat has evolved, so has her practice. She’s always been curious and a voracious learner and, as a result, she has studied several traditions with a few masters worldwide: from hatha, kundalini, and vinyasa, to anusara, Iyengar, Forrest, and yin.

Cate Peterson has a passion for human evolution fueled by more than three-decades as an activist, yoga teacher, meditator, occupational therapist & therapeutic masseuse. The founder of YogaPass and LoveEarth.

Dr Lauren Tober is a Clinical Psychologist, Happiness Coach and Yoga Teacher based in Byron Bay. With a passion for health, healing and happiness, she integrates western psychology with ancient yogic wisdom. She is the founder of Capturing Gratitude, A Daily Dose of Bliss, Living Your Heartfelt Desires.

Lauren believes that happiness is our true nature, and that yoga, self compassion, gratitude, creativity and community help us to cultivate happiness in our lives.

Emma Saad is passionate for social justice, which drove her to qualify as a lawyer in 2015. While also completing degrees in arts management and philosophy she has worked extensively over the last decade in the fitness and wellbeing space. She is the Community Builder and Leader Coordinator for Off the Mat into the World Australia, working to ignite grassroots social change and support sustainable activism through the power of yoga.

Jane Corben ran away to the mountains after 40 years in the Northern beaches of Sydney to create a new life with her three sons. She has more than 30 years experience in Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga. She is dedicated to service and giving back to the community and to building a new exciting yoga space in Jindabyne. She is also involved in mountain biking and has a surf and bike shop on the far South Coast of NSW at Tathra.

Kathy Wong is the founder of Soul Republic and Moeloco, has a burning passion to inspire a community of individuals, encourage them to hope, to live their dreams, to create change and take meaningful action in the world around them.

Philip Dickenson is founder of Yoga For Nature, a social enterprise with the soul purpose of uniting yogis around the world and inspiring them to reconnect with nature. A yogi, activist and film maker with a background in commercial television, the seed for Yoga For Nature was planted in 2014 whilst laying in savasana and since then he’s set out with his camera to inspire the yoga world to immerse themselves in the full story, our relationship with Mother Earth.

Rowena Jayne is known as ‘The Real Food Yogi’ and is one passionate spirited soul. She is an international recognised yoga instructor, naturopath, nutritionist, Raw food chef and has studied Ayurvedic Medicine and sound healing. First trained in the Bikram method, during her time in India she studied various other styles and more recently was certified in Yin yoga. She now travels the globe teaching yoga and real food workshops.

Stephanie Cranford a former recognised fashion designer, mum of four, and the founder of Onespace, established in 2009, an event management company with a difference providing a place for the Sydney community to connect through music, yoga, dancing and food. Her dedication of heart and soul is apparent in all the events she creates.