The art of self–resonance and yoking yourself into bliss /live from India with Capt. Sumisha Shankar

As we collectively call on our powerful self–expressing feminine force, let this invitation speak to you as a celebration of the reclaiming of the nectar of sensuality, bliss and pleasure, and the calling for our intuition and remembering the deep essence of who we are.

Why do it?   Now more than ever we need to cultivate radical self–love through experiencing beauty & bliss as our sacred shared force – imaging what would transpire collectively if women loved themselves more furiously.

What is it?     This manual on beauty (Saundarya Shashtra) is for deeper wellness and celebrating the feminine force: 3–days of transformational women’s work that energises, balances, and rejuvenates. It is medicine for our time.

Who is it for?    Led by rehearsed and realised priestess Shankar – an invitation to all women who are driven by intent & passion to reclaim and liberate their essence.

Where is it ?    An experiential gathering within the sacred space of the YOKE virtual shala in zoomland. We will be dialing into India live.

This 3-day women’s workshop is designed and driven by understanding that the current manifestation of feminine energy needs new pathways in order to enter and soak into our rapidly changing world.  It starts from a place of celebrating the universal consciousness of Shakti, where we yearn to be inspired and absorb how to live from our intrinsic feminine strength and intelligence.

Together with acclaimed Indian teacher Capt. Samisha Shankar, we enter bravely upstream to create sacred space and emerge rerouting our desires and radical self-love.

This is a simple yet powerful transformational layered teaching incorporating art therapy, meditation, dance, movement & mudras, grounded in the ancient wisdoms of Indian Aesthetics, Ayurveda and Yoga. This all-encompassing learning helps connect us more deeply to our own sensuality, beauty and creativity.

Beauty: the silent revolution

Integrated universal medicine for our time is where we recognize that beauty (Saundarya), as the prism of classical Indian Aesthetics, resides in spirit. This is where the many shades of beauty hide, from sensual to spiritual, encompassing the capacity to liberate the human mind, and unite the chasm between head and heart.

Beauty is the basic element of the alchemy of bliss, and when we observe it with gratitude, it illuminates from a place like no other where we begin to see ourselves and the natural world differently. We are reminded that in beauty there is harmony, balance and order, symmetry and design. With a solid teaching and practice comes transformation.

And so right here right now, we are calling forth our desire for just that: a desire to transform our current paradigm to evoke and raise the energy that is awaiting us. Through this unique manual on teachings, this collaboration is led by guru Shankar and facilitated by YOKE, as we travel through some deep and joyful integrated practices that will inevitably impact our collective. h

Women’s Work

From 17–19 October 2020 

Sat 17  – 2 hrs –  5 – 7 pm

Sun 18  –  2 hrs  5 – 7pm

Mon 19  –  2 hrs  5:30 – 7:30 pm (closing night)

Limited spaces – 20

PLEASE NOTE prerequisite of a regular yoga or meditation practice, along with a keen desire of discovery, and an investment of time. With universal law on our side, we promise transformation. It simply takes you showing up.


We don’t want to exclude anyone so we have a payment sliding scale to reflect this:-

Pay $190 fee for 3-days – because you have what you need to join us  

Pay what you can – for people who are struggling, no one will be turned away

Pay $380 and pay it forward if you have resources and the ability to allow someone else to join

Sumisha Shankar is considered one of Indian’s modern day Aesthetes, bringing to life ancient knowledge of classical Indian Aesthetics, moving us beyond beauty as the subject of outer observation to an inner subjective perception, translating the concept into a deeper-thinking dialogue that engages ancient wisdoms and makes them relevant for modern times.

Once A Captain in the Indian Army for over a decade, now she is a highly sought-after wellness lecturer and teacher who uses dance, Indian Aesthetics and yoga as her key healing succors.  She has over a decade of experience in meditation, spiritual counseling, yoga and dance therapy. She is the founder of a new age experiential training system, Antardhwani, that creates and shares multi-disciplinary teachings through research & experiential learning, and where art meets science.

Indian lineage of training

Spiritual and folk aspects of dance under the tutelage of guru and mother Dr. Pushpa Prasad, Hindustani classical singer, Kathak dancer and poetes. Indian classical music with Guru Shyaam lal Mishra, and in classical dance of Kathak spanning three decades includes: Pt Nand Lal Mishra of Kirana  gharana; Padmashri Shovana Narayan; Geetanjali Lal; Urmila Sharma and Vijayshree Chaudhary. In classical Yoga, initiated into Iyengar Yoga by Guru Deenath Chawgale,  senior student of Guru BKS Iyengar. Further study with Guru  Shri Yogendra, a direct of disciple of Guru Paramahamsa Madhavdasji. 

An exploration of what beauty is on the inside and why its important to our wellness with Sumisha Shankars in conversation with YOKE editor Cynthia Sciberras. From the supperunyoked series ‘Falling Together’.