In 2015, YOKE first collaborated with 5 key partners that helped bring a specially curated series of events together for the Sydney Fringe Festival. Here’s a little highlight of what we did.



“It was an obvious fit to approach YOKE as a Creative Partner. They have such a sense of community and are a truly independent local publication. I’m excited that this Partnership will bring the pages of YOKE magazine to life during this year’s festival.” Kerri Glasscock, Sydney Fringe Festival Director

“YOKE magazine aims for a wholeness perhaps a ‘holiness’ that few publications contemplate. I was delighted to be part of this extraordinary project that explores love and creativity.” Graham Long, CEO and Pastor at The Wayside Chapel

“ YOKE magazine is our gift of choice here at Off the Mat, Into the World.  At all of our events we go armed with copies to hand on, as YOKE above all other publications makes the point that yoga is a wellspring of inspiration for all inspired creative revolutionary action in this world. YOKE is a gorgeous adventure that we are so proud to be on.”  Cate Peterson, Chief Networker, Off The Mat, into the World Australia

“YOKE is grounded in real-world relevance and jam-packed full of wisdom, authenticity, love and creative genius. YOKE is for the seeker, the lover and the dreamer. YOKE readers can guarantee that their time in this life will be better for the commitment they make to reading, loving and living with YOKE in their  hearts and minds.”  Eloise King, founder of Soul Sessions

“It’s funky, it’s beautiful, it’s well written, it’s an artwork, it’s an elegant magazine  with a really interesting vision.”  Seane Corn,  international yoga teacher and activist

“A world without  YOKE is a world without the mindful thought – like eating a nutritious meal without acknowledging where it was grown, who grew it and the love that was put into preparing it. Consume YOKE and let it inspire the better change within all of us.”  Bridgette Di Ferdinando, founder Bondi Food Collective and real food revolutionary

“How rare to find a genuine publication that truly embodies yogic principles of love, compassion, art, creativity and life.
YOKE  is a gem, it fully embraces and reflects these principle, and is a joy to read. It is a selfless magazine, created purely to enrich, enlighten and expand the readers world.”  Petrina Hicks, Australian artist

“It has given me great joy to see YOKE grow from the very beginning into the beautiful publication that it is today. Each issue is made with love, filled with goodness. It has been a pleasure to partner with the YOKE team over the years and I look forward to further collaborations in the near future.”  Tiana Vasiljev, founder of Beautiful Pages


We love to collaborate and create magic with aligned long–term partners

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