“Deep adaptation is all about mindset. Before we can undergo process of deep adaptation in our foodways, we must locate ourselves, and our thinking, in relation to the current threat.” Dr Alana Mann, Food in a Changing Climate

DEC 2, 2021


Is it too extreme to remind you that the world is at a critical turning point, not just environmentally, but economically and politically?

Scientists are telling us that we have significantly altered the Earth through our human activity, and therefore we are living in a new geological and planetary era, the Anthropocene – where humans have become the dominant force shaping our Earths bio geophysical composition and process.

How does this impact, particularly at the fundamental level of nourishing our mere survival with food for all humans on this planet? Does what we eat matter more than whether it is local or organic? What are we not getting when it comes to understanding sustainable access to food and to food systems, where no one on this planet goes hungry, and where we no longer waste 30% of our global food production? It seems what we are importantly missing, is how, what, and where we eat effects a disturbing web of factors that we are only just beginning to understand bears dire consequences.

Join us for this critical conversation, take your seat at the table with Associate Professor Alana Mann, challenging us to think beyond our plates, to make our food systems more equitable and resilient, and to understand the beast, that is the world food economy that we are all ingesting.

Associate Professor Alana Mann is an interdisciplinary scholar focusing on democracy, social justice and citizenship, reflected in her focus on the power relations between the media, governments, institutions and civil society actors in the field of food politics.

She is a Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project FoodLab Sydney.  She is the author of Voice and Participation in Global Food Politics (2019) & Global Activism in Food Politics: Power Shift (2014), and her latest book Food in a Changing Climate (2021).

In partnership with:

FoodLab Sydney – a for-purpose incubator comprised of exceptional local food artisans and experienced business professionals passionate about helping people launch their own food businesses.

Please note: Our aim is to make this a COVID safe event and so numbers are limited and date may change depending on the GOVT NSW guidelines at the time.