“Beauty is the basic element of the alchemy of bliss, when we witness it with gratitude and a Dhrasta Bhaav (witness mode) it blesses us with selfless, compassionate, innocent heart (Shridaya).” Sumisha Shankar

Come join us as we learn to lean into the beauty of our being and explore ancient wisdom with Organic Dance Meditation® led by Guru Shankar

YOKE will be hosting the first of its kind, an ongoing women’s circle dialing into India live with Guru Shankar.

We are starting from the basic point of recognizing, celebrating and embodying the pulsating nature of life – so let’s swirl to the inner expressions and dance to soak up the bliss of Satchidananda.

What is it? A transformational methodology that is designed to energize, balance, and rejuvenate.  We will express ourselves, learn the language of bliss and experientially come together to connect with our collective souls, whilst we witness individuals shines.
Why? We are concerned with the health of women and how we deal with stress in our body, imagining what would transpire collectively if women wholly loved themselves more ferociously. Along with bunch of extraordinary benefits (see below).
Who? It’s for the joyful of a mystic heart and a dedicated humble human of womankind, who wish to taste the delight of bliss and joy through conscious movement. No prior experience of dance is necessary. Open to all who identify as being a women 15+
Where? An experiential gathering and circle of sacred women’s work at the YOKE virtual Shala at zoomland dialing live into India each week.

Commencing 4 March until 16 December 2021

Live weekly zoom circles

Every Thursday

1.5 hr sessions

7pm (AEST)  1.30pm (IST) 8:00am (GMT) 9:00am (CET) 12pm (GST)


All women welcome 15+ no dance experience necessary

Yearly (9 months) Pay AU$39 per month 

Quarterly (3 months) Pay AU$49 per month

Monthly $59 per month

Drop in $19 per class

Pay it forward – if you have resources and the ability to for someone else to join for 3 months

Pay what you can – for people who are struggling, no one will be turned away.

Join for a drop–in once a week, or every week for one month, 3 or the entire year for the next 9-months. Select your duration and payment sliding scale to reflect.

Organic Dance Meditation® with Guru Sumisha Shankar

What to expect

Acceptance – Abhivyakti

March /April/ May

Chakra – Muladhara and Swadhisthana (Earth & Water) 

Objective – to train our subconscious mind and allow our bodies to connect and synchronize.

Resulting in:

  • Grounding
  • Self Expression
  • Sexuality
  • Blossoming
  • Slow process
  • Emptying your vessel
  • Curiosity and childlike to activate playfulness
  • Moving away from materialism to minimalism
  • Conditioned nature

Awareness – Atmamanthan

June/ July / Aug

Chakra  – Manipura, Anahata and Vissudha (Fire / Air/ Ether)

Objective: Learning how to open our inner petals of the heart and witness our own unique self expression and love.

Resulting in:

  • Power
  • Peace
  • Creativity
  • Self expression
  • Equanimity
  • Kindness to self and others
  • Presence and connection to breath
  • Length and breadth of Atma within
  • Potential and purpose
  • Resonance

Acknowledgement – Antardwani

Sept /Oct /Nov

Chakra – Ajna and Sahasrara ( Light and Thought)

Objective: Rising to the universal self and immersed is the glory of the power of Shakti within.

Resulting in:

  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Co-creating
  • Prasad / Gift giving / Seva
  • Wisdom
  • Hope and inspiration
  • Spiritual and subtle energies
  • Feminine warrior
  • Self worth – why walk when we can fly
  • Awesomeness
  • Deep connection to beauty / nature


What is ODM ?

Short of ‘Organic Dance Meditation’ which is a specially designed simple and powerful healing pedagogy, that incorporates art therapy, meditation, dance, movement & mudras. It is grounded in the ancient wisdoms of Indian Aesthetics, Ayurveda and Yoga and Chakra system, where this all encompassing learning helps connect us more deeply to our own sensuality, beauty and creativity.

Key Methodology for ODM:

1. Designed as highly potent healing sessions using sound, music and movement that has been specifically curated to attune our energetic systems

2.  A sacred spiritual practice to strengthen and nourish and to encourage you into a state of flow and creative expression

3. Invoke natural intelligence and surrender

Key benefits of ODM:

  • Happy hormones with the neurons of the brain with increased serotonin, dopamine and Oxytocin levels, nourishing your cells.
  • Integration of Panchakoshas (5 layers of the body)
  • Healthy ovaries and calming of nervous system
  • Body Positivity and inner confidence which comes from moving the body in your own personal rhythm
  • Purification of Dhatus (bodily tissues) which keeps the basic elements of the body in its optimum state
  • Flush out stress molecules with music with conscious movements and rewire your brain
  • Synchronized movements in a completely relaxed state paves the way for the natural restorative system of the body to take charge with revitalizing Ojas (vigor)
  • Purify your psyche with movements that help you reconnect with yourself and allow repressed emotions to come out
  • Let every joint, micro- fiber, ligament and the tiniest part of your body move, including the mitochondria of every cell
  • Burn calories in an effortless manner as it is an all rounded yogic movement and includes polymeric, circuit and functional training with yogic awareness
  • Boost your immunity with detoxing getting circulation of energy within the body
  • Antidote to the fear we live with, helps the Muladhara (Sacral Chakra) to open up and feel more connected and fulfilled

Why is it important for the body ?

As the name suggests, it is a three step learning process to self awareness and gratitude towards the surrounding. Organic in its very approach; Dance as the vehicle to find flow; and Meditation to find stillness in the natural intelligence. Combining different layers of rhythm to elevate  the vibration of the body for higher consciousness, fostering spontaneity and lead you to embody your different emotions. Enjoyment is the key, to get in our bodies and out of our heads. The sheer abandonment or LET GO state needs to be willingly chosen, that’s where the magic happens.

What is Indian Aesthetics and how does this relate to beauty?

Indian Aesthetics is a unique philosophical and spiritual point of view on Art, Architecture and Literature. In Indian Aesthetics, a Rasa (juice or essence) denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work.

Aesthetics and ethics go hand in hand in Indian philosophy and Saundarya (Beauty) is an innate quality of life and is celebrated throughout all the Art forms. It brings forth the path of divinity and liberty. Therefore beauty, through participation is of the highest order since it’s beyond utility.  

Why is dancing considered important?

In Indian Aesthetics there is a Sanskrit word called Spundant – that translates roughly into thriving – the very pulsating nature of life that is unique in everyone of us, has a complex wave of perfect rhythm, that connects us to everything in the universe. Dance is the simplest way to get in touch with this pulse, and when we are able to experience this, and in turn in some way alter the world around us.

About Sumisha Shankar

Sumisha Shankar is considered one of Indian’s modern day Aesthetes, bringing to life ancient knowledge of classical Indian Aesthetics, moving us beyond beauty as the subject of outer observation to an inner subjective perception, translating the concept into a deeper-thinking dialogue that engages ancient wisdoms and makes them relevant for modern times.

Once A Captain in the Indian Army for over a decade, now she is a highly sought-after wellness lecturer and teacher who uses dance, Indian Aesthetics and yoga as her key healing succors. She has over a decade of experience in meditation, spiritual counseling, yoga and dance therapy. She is the founder of a new age experiential training system, Antardhwani, that creates and shares multi-disciplinary teachings through research & experiential learning, and where art meets science.

Indian lineage of training: Spiritual and folk aspects of dance under Guru Dr. Pushpa Prasad, Hindustani classical singer, Kathak dancer and poetes. Indian classical music with Guru Shyaam lal Mishra, and in classical dance of Kathak spanning three decades includes: Pt Nand Lal Mishra of Kirana gharana; Padmashri Shovana Narayan; Geetanjali Lal; Urmila Sharma and Vijayshree Chaudhary. In classical Yoga, initiated into Iyengar Yoga by Guru Deenath Chawgale, senior student of Guru BKS Iyengar. Further study with Guru Shri Yogendra, a direct of disciple of Guru Paramahamsa Madhavdasji.