Asana in the City


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Most of us are aware that yoga is facing the dual challenges of Westernisation and commercialisation. The practice today has significantly shifted from how it was practised in India millennia ago, and with the rapid rise of teacher training courses around the world, we feel that the exploration of yogic philosophy and the conversation about what yoga means off the mat are more vital than ever.

In the first issue of YOKE we featured four yogis who generously shared their thoughts on life, yoga and living in the city. In this issue, we feature three more yogis who continue this theme and include their views on balance, what meaning and judgment is placed on it, and also explore their philosophies on teaching.

Interviews with three recognised Sydney Ashtanga yoga teachers Eileen Hall, Fiona Pullen and Paul Frechtling.

Interviews by Cynthia Sciberras



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