The Examined Life


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Try, if you can, to imagine a world without art and culture. No theatres or concert halls or art galleries. No dance, opera, classical music, plays, musicals, cabaret or circus.

The little bar in your suburb that hosts live bands would be gone, along with your child’s dance school. Say goodbye to novels, cinema, television dramas, radio, pop music, video games, graphic design and fashion. It’s hard to get your head around just how many things that we take for granted would no longer be there. In fact, you probably need an artist to help you imagine what such a world would be like.

But artists do more than make art. They entertain and uplift us. They tell us about ourselves and the world we live in. They allow us to understand and empathise with others. They help our imagination take flight and our spirits soar.


Wesley Enoch, Artistic Director of Sydney Festival; Rachel Healy, respected arts administrator, policy maker and the new co-Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, Kerri Glasscock; Festival Director and CEO of the Sydney Fringe; Lee Lewis, Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company; Rachael Maza, Artistic Director of Ilbijerri Theatre Company

Interviews and words by Jo Litson

Illustration by Aurelie Garnier




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