Making it her Mission


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When it comes to the oceans, imagining their sheer size is enough of a challenge, let alone the scale of the problems that humans are causing in them. Our lifestyle, our generation, our species is literally drowning the ocean in plastic waste. One thing is certain – with eight million tonnes of plastic debris being dumped into the ocean each year, there is no longer any time left to wonder where to start. And it is imperative that we let these figures inspire action rather than helplessness, hope rather than guilt.

Finding inspiration in these murky waters is a challenge, but if one person on Earth is capable of it, it would be legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Her organisation, Mission Blue, is dedicated to restoring both the health of the oceans, and hope for the future.

Interview and words by Liberty Lawson

Images by artist Courtney Mattison

Photo by Todd Brown



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