Perfectly imperfect


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The world is suffering from spiritual malnutrition. Our Mother the Earth, Nungeena-tya, is hurting. But do not despair. All we have to do is hold the balance.

Minmia – wirrloo, law woman, Wirradjirri elder, great-grandmother, author, messenger of birds – offers this message of hope, even as the world seems consumed by anger and greed.

“Just think this – all I have to do is hold the balance, hold the energy of the balance of compassion, hold the knowing that Nungeena is strong, that the universe is strong, that this has to be cleansed and it will pass … so just hold it – just don’t give up in despair because if you send despair out there, it’s going to stay there.”

Interview by Cynthia Sciberras – Words by Renae Robinson



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