Some pretty fine weirdness


Ryan Heffington is a Los Angeles-based choreographer and dance instructor whose vision seems to include nourishing our collective reality as an innate part of his creative success. You can tell by the way he speaks about his practice that he firmly believes dance and movement are a way to reconnect with and celebrate our humanity, no matter who the hell you are.

If you’ve seen the video clips for Sia’s 2014 single Chandelier, or for Arcade Fire’s We Exist, then you have seen Heffington’s magic at its most sublime, innovative, challenging and idiosyncratic. Heffington recently took home the 2014 MTV Video Music Award for his choreography on Chandelier, sharing his thoughts with Yoke just after this auspicious endorsement of his work.

Words and Interview by Lionel Bawden

Illustration by Nobonb




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