The ultimate balancing act


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Remember when all women had to worry about was ‘having it all’? Well, assuming you’ve managed to hone yourself into an ageless embodiment of beauty, with an adoring husband, a clutch of cherubic children and a glass-ceiling busting career, it’s no longer enough.

Now, it seems, you can only be deemed a success if you manage to maintain all of these aspects of your life in perfect harmony – giving rise to that elusive concept, ‘work-life balance’.

Obviously finding some kind of middle ground between the demands of your job, the demands of your family and your own physical and spiritual needs is not only desirable, it’s essential. But doing so is an endless juggling act requiring constant modification, adjustment and compromise.

The problem with terms such as work-life balance is that they suggest an achievable end point, the Holy Grail of womanhood, which only serves to make most women feel as though they are falling short or lacking in something.

There’s no system by which you can check how you’re doing (eating tuna out of the can for lunch, deduct two points; not running over your to-do list for the entire duration of your yoga class, plus three points), just a nagging fear that you’re not as balanced as you should be.

We talked to four busy, successful, creative mothers about their take on work-life balance to find out if they think it is achievable and how they measure it.


Interviews by Cynthia Sciberras



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