Your gut feeling


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Internal belief systems about food and the way we eat, are under constant scrutiny. Experts in food, fitness and medicine, as well as, let’s face it, some clever marketing, evangelise what’s best and what’s not. As a result, we have seen the epic rise of superfoods and diets ranging from sugar, grain, dairy or meat free to all of the above. But armed with all of this knowledge, is the urban dweller really eating for balance or unknown harm.

The debate amongst doctors, naturopaths and chefs is wild. Myriad myths, facts and hearsay are immense. We tap into some of Sydney’s medical and food gurus to look at how everyone can eat for a different purpose, and maybe, just maybe, reach that holy grail of a balanced diet.

Our chosen Australian gurus: Chef Matt Stone, Dr Max Malev, Naturopath Emily Rose Yates, Barman Bobby Carey.

By Bridgette Di Ferdinando



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