We are connecting a tribe of people: ethical human beings searching for meaningful connection and eager to find ways to make positive social change outside the suffocating paradigm of individualism and into the wisdom and sacredness of the collective.

What is it? Conscious Conversations

Why do it? The world is broken

What do we hope to achieve? Co-labouring for change

Where can I get some? Hear, Now

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In an era of continuous partial attention – for good or ill – where our accelerating society hasn’t caught up with ‘the implications of artificial intelligence embedded in its digitally mediated reality’; where the powers that be, heads of state and industry leaders are bald-faced liars who greedily fake threats as fodder for wars made by man for the gain of a few; where the slaughter of children (as well as men, women and animals) and the pillage of earth is par for the course; where life on earth shifts radically from anything we thought we knew. Big pharma, fossil fuels, global warming, robot schools, systemic abuse; what the hell has happened – and what can we do?



Introducing supper UNYOKED, small intimate gatherings, a living breathing continuum of our ethos to increase positive impact and expansion with our heart, mind and effort.

We are raising the bar to explore what it takes to unite through creativity and conversation, to inspire transformation in ourselves, and contribute to socially sophisticated interdependence. We invite the connection of ethical beings who are eager to find ways to make positive change in our world.

supper UNYOKED invokes and builds community through conversation and eating. Located in Redfern at YOKE HQ, it’s a lofty aim, exploring what we could become if we took up the mantle of co-creation collectively. In contrast to the relentless backdrop of horror and global abuse, we invite you to the table where you can suspend disbelief, unshackle indoctrination and dream up something new collectively.

Wisdom, conversation and sharing motivates theses suppers, with each featuring a guest speaker fluent in ancient or modern wisdom, philosophy or sustainable practice; and a guest chef’s menu designed to aid creative thought.

In an intimate sit-down dinner for only 27, we will break bread and listen deeply to our honoured guest, hold a little space and time and talk with each other.



Since we launched in 2014, YOKE magazine’s aim is to live joyfully in the small moments, the stories of difference and the modern relevance of ancient ideas. We are driven by our mission to expand new conscious conversations in the world and bring us closer together to ultimately create social goodness and change.

So here we are, wanting to take storytelling off the page into our home, inviting you to the table to share in conversation.


supper UNYOKED series:

engages collective visioning where insights of the soul have a place at the table

nurtures creative confidence, connects people to cool soul body people, opening conversation and debate

shares ancient wisdoms and philosophies, where community and creativity conspire

practices the power of people coming together, in a collective cooking of deeper listening and nourishing action

grills modern myths and digital tricks for greater potential of our place in time and space


We arrive here now because of the old story. The old story is broken. We can thank the reptilian brain for bringing us to this point. We are happy to have left the cave. Time’s up: we call an end to the boys’ club, indeed we call it to account; big business, big pharma, big banks, fossil fuel, lies, war, cheating, abuse, indoctrination of the creative nature, denial of the creative chaos, flat earth theories, et cetera, et cetera.




SERIES 2 SESSION #4: Recovering Food Wisdom Beyond our Plates

with Associate Professor Dr Alana Mann 

Thursday 2 December, 6-9PM


SERIES 2 SESSION #3: Finding New Ground!

with author and social researcher Maggie Hamilton

in support of Heart & Soul Retreat at Govinda Valley – proceeds going to support women of Domestic Violence. 

Thursday 3 June, 6-9PM


SERIES 2 SESSION #2: Citizenship: an act of bravery and imagination!

with M4R in celebration for International Women’s Day 2021

Monday 8 Mar, 6-9PM


SERIES 2 SESSION #1: Lets journey to ancient Babylonia together and uncover some truths

with Jutka Freiman

Dates to select from:

Saturday 31 Oct, 12-3pm LUNCH


Tuesday 10 Nov, 6-9pm DINNER











Leave your armour at the door

Openness of mind is key. Openness of heart is pleasing

Deep listening is as important as speaking

Chew your food. Be kind. Be considerate. Be mindful

Bullying, hate speech or malicious conduct will not be tolerated; nor will taking offense. You will be entering a circle of freedom of speech over your sensitivities. Without this we cannot have a free debate. Remember the words of the wise man Rumi – “If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”

You can disagree with another person’s opinion, but please be respectful and graceful with dignity.

Vodka is optional 😉 BYO alcohol is approved, however will not be provided by the host



This supper series does not promote any particular religion or adhere to any particular view or philosophy

These suppers are open ended, episodic in nature and not about reaching resolutions or conclusions, although we are not closed to some brilliant action emerging. It simply is a place to start a conversation, to provoke deeper listening for the creating and renewing of our everyday lives. Any outcomes will be driven by the individual gatherings of each session.

 All proceeds going to a chosen charity or social enterprise connected with each supper.

Keep in touch on the latest supper guests on social media





Come, play, eat with us – the present. Bring an open heart, a gracious mind, your generous ear, your radical will, and let’s see what we can do from simply starting here. Thanks for reading to the end. We hope to see you in the flesh!

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ Socrates