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Artists for change

Purposeful connection and democratising wellbeing

YOKE Editor Cynthia Sciberras in conversation with two visionary social activists, Suzanne Sterling and Kerri Kelly, at Wanderlust Festival 2015, Cockatoo Island, Sydney


We are beginning to understand the interconnected global issues that are shaping our world and creating change. However, the question remains, how do we inspire and create change? Well, we have at least three amazing grassroots movements, working from the ground up, reminding us that we are not alone, and powerful in numbers.

Wanderlust, Off The Mat, into the World®, and CTZNWELL®, are all great examples of this shared story of ‘us’, and of truly looking at ways that we can cultivate our own leadership and community. It’s really not enough anymore to look after just ourselves, and yoga is a great way to help us wake up to yoga being all-things, something that is interconnected, that is union.

It certainly feels like there’s a revolution bubbling away – like people are finally waking up. And these grassroots movements are tapping into that, helping us to reinvent our cultural narrative.

Considering YOKE is one flag waver for creating community and consciousness, we get excited about social activism and people power. What better place to start, then, than at the wonderful Wanderlust festival – an opportunity for people to connect, not just to their bodies and each other, but also to a wider experience-conscious community.

Wanderlust started a few years ago in the US and has since spread the love around the globe, including us lucky antipodeans in the Southern hemispheres, sharing its wares for the second year in Australia and NZ.

Kerri Kelly
is a force to be reckoned with. She has a serious purpose in life, and we fell in love with her and her amazing passion to articulate the much-needed change necessary for simple equality. Kerri is the Founder and President of the newly-formed visionary program, CTZNWELL® and Executive Director of Off the Mat, into the World®.

Suzanne Sterling is one delightful creation. She shares her voice on more than just the singing circuit; she helps empower people to find their own voice, one that allows for true transformation. She is co-founder of Off The Mat, into the World® and a recognised musician, performer and teacher.

On day one of Wanderlust, we abducted these two ladies, found some green grass on Cockatoo Island, and rolled out a yoga mat overlooking Sydney’s fabulous foreshore with an aim to find out more about how they are seriously changing the world, from the inside out.

We’re sure you’ll feel nothing but inspired after listening to these two ladies creating change with their shared vision of service, and of wellbeing for all in the world. Radical generosity!

CTZNWELL® believes transformational change is an inside job, calling us to reclaim our values through deep personal practice and show up from that place. Our theory of change lifts up well people as central to well communities and well systems.

Off The Mat, into the World® was founded by Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling and Hala Khouri and is run by executive director, Kerri Kelly. This impressive organisation, functioning in many countries globally, including Australia, educates yoga practitioners and guides them as they go out into the world to become leaders in their various causes.

Wanderlust Festival’s core mission is to create community around mindful living.


Photo by Campbell Wilson