It’s where wise women unite, come join us as we learn to lean into the beauty of our being and explore ancient wisdom – drawing in creativity and consciousness as the medicine for our time.

“There is no opposition between beauty and social responsibility, between aesthetic and ethics.”Dr Alka Pande, Art Historian

ABOUT Beauty: the Silent Revolution

We are calling forth a revolution, one that creatively harnesses ancient teachings to recognize that beauty (Saundarya) is the integrated universal medicine for our time. 

We’re reminded in Vedic philosophy that in beauty there is harmony, balance and order, symmetry and design, and it is also said that beauty is one of the basic elements of the alchemy of bliss. When we observe it with gratitude, it illuminates from a place like no other, it’s here where we begin to see ourselves and the natural world in a different light.

Looking through the prism of classical Indian Aesthetics, residing in spirit are the many shades of beauty, from sensual to spiritual, encompassing the capacity to liberate the human mind, and unite the chasm between head and heart, all of which is prized in ancient divine feminine power that only waits and wants to be unleashed.

So, come join the silent revolution, and unleash yourself, as we collectively call on our own individually powerful self–expressing feminine force. Its a revolution that celebrates our reclaiming of the nectar of sensuality, bliss and pleasure, and the calling for our intuition and remembering the deep essence of who we are through the sacred lens of beauty.


Saundarya Shashtra workshop COMING SOON

Yoga Sutras – through the lens of the feminine COMING SOON

Organic Dance Meditation ® Commencing 4 March 2021 OPEN NOW

Sumisha Shankar
Banner Artwork: Bharatnatyam Mudra by Alisha Coelho Pereira